THE SPIRAL PATH @ Winston's Los Angeles 
September 10 - October 14, 2022

Winston’s Los Angeles is pleased to present THE SPIRAL PATH, an exhibition featuring new paintings by Jessica Cannon. Working on linen or canvas in accumulated layers of iridescent pigments and acrylic, this body of work continues Cannon’s exploration of metaphysical connections between her inner world and the Universe.

Beginning with raw canvas or linen, Cannon layers iridescent pigments and opaque colors to build up the imagery, creating a sense of veiled light cast from within the painting. The exhibition’s title also references the artist’s experience of studio work - an expansive and open-ended process of deeper knowing and eternal mystery.

The paintings in this series depict a precarious balancing act of softness and strength - powerful archetypes coupled with light and ephemeral color. The spiral is a means to travel outward toward the cosmos and inward within the realm of dreams, symbols, and self-knowledge. Formally the spiral operates in multiple ways - referring to galaxies, as a skyward shell offering protection, and carving subtle waves of color that recall the light Cannon encountered at RAiR’s Historic Studios in Roswell, New Mexico. Along with the spiral, the triangle is also significant as it connects the ground and sky together. Cannon’s time spent in New Mexico shaped the color palettes and deepened the relationship with landscape and abstraction.